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Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT

If you are looking for professional ‘hands on’ teacher training then the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT could be for you.

Based in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, our SCITT offers school based Primary and Secondary Teacher training in a range of schools and subjects.

Whether you are interested in School Direct or SCITT, the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT offers you a chance to train in a variety of city and county schools.

The Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT pathway offers an unrivaled package of support and professional development to all trainees that we have called "The Big Seven".

To find out more about the NTS, our different pathways and "The Big Seven", explore our website, get in touch or come and visit us at one of our open days.

Open Days

The best way to find out what the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT can offer is to come and visit us. All events are open to both School Centred ITT applicants and School Direct applicants.

Information Open Evening

Interested in a career in teaching?
Presentation and informal Q & A session

Tuesday 13th October 2015
6.00 – 7.00pm

Wednesday 4th November 2015
6.00 - 7.00pm

Venue: Toot Hill School
Venue website: www.toothillschool.co.uk

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Teaching Taster Days

  • Friday 9th October 2015
  • Thursday 12th November 2015
  • Thursday 28th January 2016
  • Wednesday 2nd March 2016
  • Wednesday 20th April 2016
  • Tuesday 10th May 2016
  • Friday 17th June 2016

8.30am - 3.30pm

Venue: Toot Hill School
Venue website: www.toothillschool.co.uk

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School Experience Weeks

w/c 23rd November 2015 8.30am - 3.30pm

w/c 1st February 2016 8.30am – 3.30pm

w/c 25th April 2016 8.30am – 3.30pm

Venue: Toot Hill School
Venue website: www.toothillschool.co.uk

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The Big Seven

Here are seven great reasons to train with the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT:

First class school based training leading to QTS with PGCE and Masters credits

Access to a wide range of schools offering a varied cross phase experience

An international experience visiting a different education system

Leadership development courses and mentoring

Excellent support networks tailored to your needs as a trainee teacher

Opportunities for paid employment in schools whilst training

Living and working in Nottinghamshire

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Pathways to Teacher Training

The Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT offers two pathways into teacher training. follow the links below to find out which pathway is right for you.

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (PGCE)

We offer School Centred Initial Teacher Training across a range of Nottinghamshire Schools in partnership with the University of Nottingham.

This allows you to train in schools, through classroom based experience with the support of a school based mentor, securing a PGCE qualification at the end of the year.

You can train in the following subjects:

Art and Design, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Drama, English, Geography, History, Maths, MFL (French, German and Spanish), Physical Education and Physics

To find out more about the benefits of training with the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT please click below.

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Teacher Training with School Direct (PGCE)

We provide School Direct placements in a range of schools in Nottinghamshire.

You can train in the following subjects:

Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Maths, MFL (French, German, Spanish) and Physics

To find out more about School Direct and what the Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT can offer you please click below.

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Why Teach?

For many people teaching is the best job in the world.

It's a job where you can make a difference, using your skills and knowledge every day.

Teaching is a profession that allows you to be creative and innovative. Imaginative lessons and a passion for your subject can make a real impact on the lives of the students you teach.

Teachers are well paid, with good starting salaries and the profession offers excellent opportunities for career development and promotion.

Teaching is an exciting, dynamic and challenging profession, but don't just take our word for it...

"I completed my teacher training at Toot Hill School and I was amazed at the dedication of the PE staff to improving my teaching practice. I was given the freedom to develop my own teaching idea's, but under the guidance of experienced, enthusiastic staff. I was lucky enough to get a permanent teaching job at Toot Hill to complete my NQT year. Throughout the year I have had weekly NQT meetings, NQT training sessions as well as whole school CPD in order to develop my teaching practice in a whole school context."

Dr Alison Bowes - June 2015

"I did my PGCE placement at Toot Hill which was a brilliant school to train at; the training and mentoring was incredibly beneficial and helpful as I began my teaching career. Since joining the school, the induction programme for new staff has been incredibly helpful for me to develop further and all staff, both in and out of my department, are extremely approachable and always on hand to offer advice."

Jonothan Ubhi - June 2015

"Training at Toot Hill School was an invaluable experience. The staff were always willing to help with any questions or problems I faced. I am finishing the year feeling as prepared as I possibly can be going into my NQT year with a wealth of knowledge both about teaching and the school."

Andrew Roberts - June 2015

"When I finished my degree I thought long and hard about my career options. I wanted a job where I could help others and use my subject knowledge but also have the freedom to be creative and independent.

Teaching seemed like the perfect career and after doing some research, school based training seemed the best option. Being trained in school allowed me to gain invaluable experience and at the end of the year I was offered a job by my placement school.

Since then I have not looked back. As a qualified teacher I have a clear career pathway, an excellent remuneration package and lots of different opportunities within my current school."

James Travis
Physics Teacher and Achievement Director, Post 16

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  • Jonathon Weedon reports on the NTS trip to Jyvaskula Finland

    ‘What did I get from the Finnish Experience?’

    My answer to this question will focus on the stark differences between the UK and Finnish education systems and will highlight the one major point of success in the Finnish system which I want to take back to the UK. The major difference between the UK classroom and a Finnish one is the hierarchical distance of the teacher in relation to the student. In your school, the informal dress code for all and the use of ‘ope’ – or teach to address the teacher in my opinion facilitated a calm atmosphere, conducive to a great depth of learning and understanding of the subject being developed by students’. The positive flow of lessons was particularly evident in all natural sciences lessons’ and this positive flow was primarily down to the fact teachers’ do not address low level disruption as we do in the UK. It is widely accepted that a teacher is there to teach and the onus is on the pupil to work productively of their own fruition. This is a fundamental cultural difference between Finland and the UK, which allows students’ in Finland to become fully self-reliant, independent learners. This is where the Finnish education system profits and ours in the UK flounders. Therefore, I make it my mission to facilitate students’ in the UK becoming as independent as your students’ evidently are following the observations I made during my visit to your exceptional school. Thank you for allowing myself and my fellow NTS students’ to visit your school and I intend to visit Finland many times in the future.        

    Posted 11/03/2016 by Main News

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