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  • 'A Week in the Life of a SCITT Trainee'

    English trainee teacher Jo Day talks about her experiences as a trainee

    'If you have just finished university, like I had, used to not really being accountable for the majority of hours in a day, then be prepared for a bit of a change.

    As a SCITT trainee who is about to enter their third term, you treasure every minute you have and actually, you realise just how incredibly productive you can be. In 10 minutes you become able to print your work sheets off for the year 7 class you have next, create a questions box for PSHE that you have period 4 and make a cup of tea and steal a biscuit or two from a colleague. You become the master of nailing the 'to do' list.

    Yes, at times, that is hard because you never quite get to the bottom of it. Just when you think you have, 5 students wow you in lesson and you decide to phone home to emphasise just how incredibly proud you are or you take on a new after school club that needs planning or maybe a student just wants to come and talk to you. However, such occurrences are the most rewarding thing, so you don't mind the fact it's become a tiny bit longer because the benefits will be invaluable. Students will come up and thank you and when they do, that's when you know you're doing alright. Even if it does feel as though you're juggling 20 balls in the air at the same time. That thank you made it worth while.

    And if the worst happens and for a moment you drop one, you share that momentary blip with a fellow trainee who has no doubt felt exactly the same before. So they pick you back up and they dust you off and you carry on and in a week's time, you'll be there for someone else's blip.

    Be ready to work hard, treasure every minute and make some incredible friends along the way.'

    Jo Day (NTS English)

    Posted 24/03/2017 by Main News

  • ITT Mentor training

    Session 2: Target setting and feedback

    The lead up to summer brought yet another successful mentor session for our current SCITT mentor cohort. It was great to see yet another good turn out and to use this opportunity to focus a lot more on personalising lesson feedback as well as looking at the grading system in more detail.

    The core training team definitely enjoyed working on a more one to one basis with mentors and it was a wonderful opportunity to get some subject specific feedback. Mentors made some extremely valuable contributions when it came to developing trainees’ subject knowledge and as a result we have been able to circulate these across our partnership.

    The collaborative approach mentors took when reflecting on providing constructive feedback resulted in an increase in confidence from all participants. Mentors came away from the training feeling a lot more self-assured and secure in their approaches to steering trainees in the right direction and setting them suitable targets.

    This mentor session only highlighted more how worthwhile it is to all work together and share good working practice.

    "The mentor training was invaluable. I found it very useful to share ideas with other colleagues on how to develop trainees in terms of their teaching and working towards their professional standards. It was also great to develop my knowledge of how to observe and grade my trainee. This has helped a great deal this term!"

    School based mentor

    Posted 22/03/2017 by Main News

  • Trainees promote 'Get into Teaching'

    NTS trainees present at the Nottingham and Peterborough 'Get into Teaching' events

    It was great to see how well attended two 'Get into Teaching' marketing events were during the Spring term. With over 600 people combined within the two evenings NTS Trainees had the opportunity to advise and support interested people about how to get into teaching. Lucie Street Helen Teskey and Will Hollis spoke on behalf of the event organisers during the main information presentation. It was a great opportunity for future ITT applicants to hear what a great profession teaching is along with the challenge of learning to master a new profession.

    Posted 19/02/2017 by Main News

  • Trainees teach in Finland

    Successful trip to Jyvaskula Teacher Training School

    Not as cold as the -30 witnessed last year 35 trainees and SCITT leaders traveled to Jyvaskula Teacher Training School. Spending 5 days away allowed for all trainees to have a go at teaching pre-planned lessons as well as visit many different educational settings. A highlight was seeing 7year old children skating on a lake in -15, laughing and having fun as part of PE.

    The English, MfL and Drama trainees delivered a team led lesson on 'Romeo and Juliet' which combined different subjects together. The upper secondary Finnish pupils really enjoyed the combination of theory and practical lessons. All departments got a chance to observe and support lessons, some having additional 'cultural' experiences and opportunities to visit to places of local interest.

    An amazing experience and we would like to thank the teaching teams at University of Jyväskylä Teacher Training school for providing us with another fantastic opportunity to witness Finnish education.

    Posted 03/02/2017 by Main News

  • NTS trainees return to extended training week

    Trainee recieve excellent extended training to build on placement 1 experiences

    Following a very successful first placement trainees return to NTS training rooms to extend their knowledge and reflect on teaching ideas and experiences.

    Day 1's theme was to develop an 'Action' plan and invent a new concept idea to engage hard to reach learners; some great ideas presented in an entertaining fashion!

    Day 2 trainees visited one of our wonderful partner schools NUSA to have a excellent session on the importance of 'safeguarding' followed by a Q&A session and school tour with a class of yr7 pupils. During the afternoon all trainees enjoyed a very interesting and meaningful session on 'the challenges and successes of a city school' delivered by Head of school Mark Watts, powerful messages reinforced how important teachers are in supporting and enabling pupils to reach their potential.

    Day 3 had a PSHE/SMSC theme exploring the importance of relationships and pastoral care within schools and how to promote 'British values' delivered by Laura Munroe and Polly Fender. Trainees again had the chance to explore ideas and presented on their findings.

    Day 4 is all about 'securing my first teaching post' with the first session delivered by Trust and SCITT strategic leader Chris James. Finding out as much as possible about different schools is key in enabling successful transition of ITT into NQTs. The rest of the day involves learning interview techniques including a live interview simulation by the pupils from Toot Hill school.

    What a great week! Next week trainees visit primary schools for the second time to teach specialist subjects before travelling on the 23rd January to Jyvaskula Finland. Never a dull moment!

    Posted 11/01/2017 by Main News

  • Trainees start phase 1 secondary placements

    New trainees make great first impressions...

    With a great deal of readiness and preparation NTS trainees visit placement 1 secondary schools this week. The first week is about getting to know classes, school ethos, school systems and meeting new staff, senior leaders mentors and school based training coordinators. Many of our trainees get to know what it feels like to be 'back to school' with a pupil pursuit. This involves visiting a whole range of classes in a variety of subjects; often the most tiring day of the week!

    Trainees look forward to their end of week training day 'Friday'; a chance to consolidate experiences and share ideas.

    A great start to class of 2016-17

    Posted 29/09/2016 by Main News

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